Best 30 Amp RV Surge Protector Reviews 2020 – With Buyer’s Guide

30-amp-RV-surge-protector-reviewsProtecting our valuable RV electrical and electronic appliance from power fluctuations is much important. If your RV electric appliance operates with 30 amp power, surely you need to choose the best and safest surge protection; otherwise, it becomes damages. When it happens, we lost our big investment product such as air conditioner, oven, television, and others.

For this reason, we must need a well RV surge protector. Now I break down 5 best surge protector via 30 amp RV surge protector reviews. After reading this content, you might not find it hard and confusing. So, without much delay, let’s get started.

30 Amp RV Surge Protector Reviews

1. Progressive Industries SSP-30XL Protector

Progressive-Industries-SSP-30XL-ProtectorThis Progressive Industries SSP-30XL protector comes with 30 amp and 3 surge protection mode. This product is a portable RV surge protector with the added benefits of the built-in polarity tester. Furthermore, this 30 amp component easy to operate temperature -40-degrees to + 105 C that prevent my temperature issue. Additionally, the polarity tester checks the status of the power source, which helps me to use prior time.

Compact, sleek, and portable design makes this unit easy to use and store. All of the weather shields provide me additional protection while I just plugged in this component. According to my experience, it is an open natural, open ground, and reverse polarity detection RV surge protector.


  • It is an affordable protector
  • Have user-friendly interface
  • Easy to operate temperature
  • Tough and well made
  • Lightweight and portable


  • The warranty is not satisfaction

2. Surge Guard 44260 Surge Protector

Surge-Guard-44260-Surge-ProtectorThis Surge Guard 44260 is another top choice when looking for a valuable and durable protector, which I can always count on to protect my RVs from the faulty electrical source. The standout feature of the surge protector has 6500A max spike current, and allow me to detect any power supply fault fast and instantly. It analysis the circuit to verify pedestal power that is truly protect my RV surge.

It is truly easy to operate with any weather. Of course, I am going to use the protector outdoors, and that’s excellent about this model with its weather-resistant. However, the surge protector comes with a lock hasp, that keeps the model safe and secures once install in my vehicles.


  • It is suitable for outdoors
  • Durable and portable design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Detects the faulty power
  • Full surge protection and reliable


  • A little bit weighty than another model

3. Surge Guard 44280 Surge Protector

Surge Guard 44280 Surge ProtectorIf you have recreational vehicles or camper and operate with 30amp service, you might want to select this affordable model. It is a compact, portable, and reliable model. However, the 120V 30A model is also one of the most around because this unit is built and design to manage and handle the high power demand. It is also a UL list surge protector which is more satisfying.

It allows me to operate multiple surge protection. Whatever I also liked that it comes with a waterproof and weather-resistant cover, ensuring that the equipment won’t degrade due to changing weather condition. In short, this component provides you with maximum money value.


  • Rainproof and weatherproof cover
  • Used heavy-duty components
  • Design for camping and outdoors
  • Have multiple protection functions
  • Easy to operate and portable


  • A bit hard to set up or install

4. Camco 55301 Surge protector

Camco-55301-Surge-protectorThis 55301surge protector is one of the best protectors which comes from CAMCO brand. It is reliable and made with the quality component. This unit is suitable for outdoor and campers. Camco 55301 has a unique feature that is capable of protecting RV electrical issue that we need. Furthermore, this component also protects my electronics that included a laptop, mobile phone, ovens, and refrigerator.

It is one of my best investments, and I still satisfying with this unit. Overall, this protector built with easy to read and understand its LEDs for diagnostics. The diagnostics allow me to know about the faults when I am connecting an electric cord to a pedestal and power source.


  • Have an RV electrical protection system
  • Auto-connect and disconnect features
  • Open with natural
  • Used power grip handle
  • User-friendly


  • It used plastic component which is not well enough

5. Surge Guard 44270 Surge Protector

Surge Guard 44270 Surge ProtectorThis unit comes with a program technology research protector, and people love it, of course for great features and conditions. It is a simple, lightweight, reliable, and compact design that fully protects to mu rig against power failure and surges. It comes with 5 indicator lighting, which allows me to know the protection level.

However, this unit is a budget-friendly portable surge protector, and I think it is one of my great investment. I also appreciate that the device can provide full RV protection during the open ground and also open natural. I also like that it can handle all types of weather conditions. One word, it is a weather-resistant surge protector. There are lots of features which loved.


  • Full RV protection power surge
  • Rainproof and weather resistant
  • Included 5 indicator light
  • Ideal for campers and outdoors use
  • Easy to carry


  • The light may not much strong as I expect

30 Amp RV Surge Protector Reviews Buying Guide


You may know that one device requires some electricity amount so that the device can deliver electricity on its function. There are different types of amp available in the market. But first, you should discover which amp you need for your RV. The factor is one of the most essential to consider to be sure that you choose the right AMP for your RV.
LED display

It is one of the essential things you should remember. You must pick an easy LED display surge protector which has the available thing you want to know, included voltage, frequency and more. In addition, you must find a product which offers you to understand the device easily. Finally, you should choose a device which has a bright display.


You must avoid the product which has a hard time for installation. However, you should check that the product has a manual installation method and need not any tools. It is important to choose the easy installation product, especially when you first purchase a surge protector. But if you think money doesn’t matter, you may hire a plumber for it.


This is my final important factor that you should consider when shopping around a good surge protector for your RV. You should look at the product which has an affordable price with the best features. I know it is tricky and need proper research, so you can check out my upper products which have an affordable price and well-featured.

30 amp rv surge protector reviews FAQs

Q: What is the best 30 amp surge protector for RV?
A: According to my research, you will find out around 16 models which are top-rated in the market. But several products mean confusing. So, you can focus on Surge Guard, Camco brands.
Q: Can I run my RV AC on 30amp?
A: Most of the time, it is not possible to run on AC. But if you run your AC 30 amp, you can run it but you must off other appliance.


Now it is clear to you which brand is perfect for you. If you follow my buying guide, it is easier for you. You may know that most of the brand comes with average features, and some of them are very powerful. I always recommend you to choose durable, compact, lightweight, and portable protectors which I already told you my 30 amp RV surge protector reviews.

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