Best 6 Person Tent Reviews in 2020 – Essential Buyer’s Guide

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6 person tent reviewsThe best 6 to 8 person tent enable people to camp outdoors with family and friends in all weather conditions due to their quality of the construction. However, you can fit the tents for the most enjoyable. The tents also protect people from UV, rain, dust, even heavy rain, so that you can take rest and sleep without hassles.

Overall, most premium models have removable floor and mesh curtain for your protection. However, here are the six-person tent reviews with including trusted brand and models, which delivers excellent results in most settings.

6 person tent reviews With Buyer’s Guide

1. Coleman Sundome Tent

Coleman-Sundome-TentColeman is a popular two-room freestanding dome tent, but there is a twist. However, this unit is fitted with building LED light. The LED light provides you with maximum light, so you need not any extra touch and another lighting system. It is spacious and the measurement of this unit is 12 by 10 ft with a center height of 6ft.

Whatever this component made with anti-wicking polyester fabric with tent shell that protects me from the sun. You will achieve a large mesh window with ground vent. Another one, easy to set without needing extra tools or extra port.


  • Included E-port to run
  • Easily to customization
  • Used water-resistant cup
  • Provide expandable carry bag
  • Included internal storage pocket


  • Some people found this unit is not easy to assemble

2. OT QOMOTOP 6 to 8 Person Tents

OT-QOMOTOP-6-to-8-Person-TentsOT QOMOTOP 6 person camping tent is easy to set up, a process which needs only one minute for installing. Its water-resistant materials make the tent useable even with the heavy rain. The floor of the tent always dry, thanks to this unit PE-tube floor. Plus, the floor also has welded corners which gives the tent more stability.

However, the tent measurement is 8 x 8 feet with 4-foot 11-inch center height. Whatever a mesh roof boosts ventilation to prevent bad odours, and the ground vent helps to increase the airflow.


  • Produce enough air circulation
  • Included electric cord slot
  • Used waterproof materials
  • Compact design and easy to install
  • Very spacious


  • Have not any lighting system

3. CORE 6 Person Tent

CORE-6-Person-TentThis CORE 6 person instant cabin tent features stress-free set up in only 60 seconds without a plumber. This unit used H20 block technology combines with water repellent fabrics active bead technology for faster water runoff that helps you to water-resistant the floor and the windows.

Whatever the center height of this unit is 72-inch, that is enough for a tall person. You will need an explorer zipper system for your privacy panel on door and windows. So, you can trip with this tent much comfort and privacy.


  • Used H20 block technology
  • Stress-free set up
  • Comfortable to use
  • Privacy with zipper
  • Dry the floor and window from rain or water


  • The leave can not easily down

4. MOON LENCE Camping Tent

MOON-LENCE-Camping-TentThe MOON LENCE camping tent is another strong contender for the best tent for rain and wind, especially when you are solo camping. It comes with only 4 lbs which helps you to easily portable. With the 190T PU material providing the tent 2000mm water-resistant and excellent UV protection, this tent is ideal for all types of weather.

It comes with a serious rainfall support system. However, you will explorer a large mesh section as well as the 2D shape with a dual zipper option for your strong privacy. So, what do you want else?


  • It is a windproof tent
  • UV protection facility
  • Used 2D shape
  • Dual zipper for strong privacy
  • Affordable price


  • X

5. KAZOO Family Camping Tent

KAZOO-Family-Camping-TentThe KAZO family camping tent is lightweight, spacious, and durable for the multi seasons. However, the most impressive features of this unit are that it can be set up only for 5 minutes. The tent shape is like a cabin; it an almost vertical wall that makes the room very spacious.

The tent comes with two excellent one door and two windows for looking for excellent views. It is truly ideal for 6 to 7 person. Overall, it made with high-quality materials and provided you 2-years warranty so that you can use it without hassles.


  • Used 2 large windows
  • Easy to set up the tent
  • Vast internal space
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Ideal for multi weather


  • Easily dusted

6. ayamaya Pop Up Tents

ayamaya-Pop-Up-TentsjpgComfortably sleeping in a family of 6, I think this is the perfect tent for this amount of people. However, this tent height doesn’t provide you with upright comfort, but it is not a major issue when you are going for a tent. The electrical cord access port enables you to run a power cord from the outside power source into the device of your tent.

You will achieve a portable bag which helps you to easily portable the unit. Overall, this tent used 2 doors, 4 windows, hooded vent, and more ventilation. It also comes dual side zipper panel which supports you to use it with privacy.


  • Perfect for up to 6 person
  • Used electrical cord access
  • Have a portable tent bag
  • Have dual zipper
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Some users found it leakage

6 person tent reviews Buying Guide


Your need needs to be waterproof and strong enough against the wind. Weather can be unpredictable and catch us out by changing when we didn’t expect it much. A leaky tent is ruined your camp, and you may fall risky. You should look for things like the bathtub floor, good quality materials. A cheaper tent is just won’t be weather-proof.

Interior storage

The space of your tent interior side could be different between a relax and happy camp. Unfortunately, most of the tents come with little space and literary it becomes great hinder for relaxing. For six-person, you must choose a tent which able to provide each of the personal space with the bag besides. So, you should not avoid this section.


The importance of weighs depends on whether you are going on the car or backpack. If you want car camping, you can easily take much weighs and enjoy a great camp. But it is tricky for you to carry a heavy bag when you camp with a backpack. However, the tents weigh an average of 4 lbs to 75 lbs.
Tents Assembly

6 person tent is not easy to access all of the people. Most of the tents of 6 people have 2-doors and 4 windows. I think two doors are enough to assemble easily. But here, height is an important matter. However, when you are going to purchase a tent for six-person, you should focus on this section so that your camping becomes enjoyable.

6 person tent reviews FAQs

Q: How big should a 6 person tent be?
A: If you want to choose a tent just for sleep and don’t matter about gear, then 80 t90 SQ Ft is enough size. If you need to sleep space with a lot of space, you can go for 100 SQ Ft.
Q: What is the best brand in the tent?
A: There is a number tent, but the best brands are limited. However, according to my research, it included Coleman, OT, KAZOO, and more.


Six people are surely crowed, and make sure the tent is allowed six-member comfort and relax. The reviews of 6 person tent reviews help you to achieve the right one. All of the above-selecting brands are much better than any other tents in the market. So, before you purchase any tents, you should apply my buying guide for the best result.

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