Best Camp Stove For Backpacking Reviews – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

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Best camp stove for backpackingCamping is a great thing, but it is a sucking thing when I think about the meal. When I am going camping, I found lots of issues. I know it is tricky to find out the best camp stove for backpacking. For your aid, I research around 44 stoves but found a few of the top-rated.

To help narrow down your buying decision, I studied on the market, user experience, and tested the parts of the product and ultimately select 5 products. I explorer all of the products with a proper research buying guide which I discuss below. So, keep reading and find out your best one.

Best Camp Stove For Backpacking Reviews

1. Camp Chef Explorer Review: Camp Chef Burner Stove

Camp-Chef-Burner-StoveThe camp Chef Burner Stove is an excellent choice for group car camper, hence my awarding it my top-rated pick. It is sturdy and offers a compact cook space which used with or without legs for versatility. I loved its easy setup, durability, and minimal maintenance.

However, it delivers 60,000 total BTU burners a ton of power, but it is fine down excellent simmering operating when you truly need it on your camping. But there has some issue that the burns getting blown out on wind days because it doesn’t use any auto-ignition system. Despite this problem, I liked it folks who want to the backyard or the patio stove.


  • Used two aluminium burners
  • Used detachable legs
  • Easy to portable
  • Ideal for both camp and adventure
  • Excellent simmering operating


  • Have not auto-ignition

2. Best Portable Butane Stove Burner: Coleman Portable Bottletop Stove

Coleman-Portable-Bottletop-StoveWhen you are looking for a small stove to take on the trail, you will check out this portable Bottletop propane stove. The cooking surface of this unit is 8-inch pan above a fully adjustable burner which delivers up to 10,000 BTUs cooking power. It heats quickly and steady because this component use perfectFlow technology, and you also need to less fuel, thanks to its powerful technology.

This unit made in the USA, which is durable. However, the wind baffles help shield of your flame from the normal or extreme wind, so the most heat possible goes to heat so that you can cooking your meal. When you leave your camp, you can pack this unit separately without a single hassle.


  • Used powerful perfectFlow technology
  • Easy to installation
  • Windproof and able to burn with extreme wind
  • Take less fuel
  • Easy to pack with separately each part


  • After long-time use, it found gas leakage issue

3. Etekcity Ultralight Backpacking Stove

Etekcity-Ultralight-Backpacking-StoveEtekcity Ultralight half of the price is the cheapest stove. It is a capable and compact stove, which perform only slightly worse than the competition when this unit warmer and low wind environment. Despite this unit MSRM, it usually retails for less, and this unit provides me two-pack for a whale of a deal. Protect from the wind I found this unit auto-igniter.

As a result, it also able to perform in the cold wind with any weather conditions. This stove is a low weight, compact design, and easy portable that makes it an emergency stove for the camp and adventure. This component also meets with FEMA, which is truly needed for emergency home use.


  • Used auto-igniter function
  • Ideal for emergency backup
  • It is a compact and lightweight design
  • Meet with FEMA function
  • An excellent choice for occasional backpacker


  • Most of the users found poor quality legs/feet

4. Jetboil MiniMo Camping Stove

Jetboil-MiniMo-Camping-StoveA step up from Jetboil’s original stove and the MiniMo has been in the line up for a few years now. The pot has been sturdy plastic coated handles, and the pot burn system has been made more conducive to cooking and simmering control. However, you can easily control its temperature what you need. It is a faster burn and better in moderate winds.

However, I used this unit with 2 couple of years without finding a major issue. The gusty wind will still below and the stove out. But despite this issue, I think it is a great stove for backpacking who are eating a simple meal and want to the cooking system with light and fuel-efficient.


  • Long-time support
  • Well enough for backpacking
  • Have fuel-efficient facility
  • Easy to install or set up
  • The handle is very strong


  • None

5. Esbit CS985HA Burner Stove

Esbit-CS985HA-Burner-StoveIf you are often out and alone for camping or adventure, surely you will check out this compact, and light cooking burner stove. This burner made from brass and remaining the items from hard-anodized aluminium. This compact pot holds about 470 ml, and it also serves as a lid for its counterpart, that has a maximum capacity of nearly 985 ml. Both the part handle made with stainless steel that is truly durable.

But there has an error that it doesn’t compete with extreme wind. So, you should always remember this thing when you are going camping. Whatever from this component, you will achieve a long-time warranty. Overall you will achieve a carry bag for easily portable without any damages.


  • Have vast oil capacity
  • Compact and portable
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Provides long-time warranty
  • Provides a sturdy portable bag


  • Some users found it scratches

Best Camp Stove For Backpacking Buying Guide


Fuel-efficiency is a tricky category to discover and includes many variables. According to my research and real experience high-efficiency, fuel makes the camping journey really sucking. Backpackers should take any fuel-efficiency numbers as more suggestions. It is not only a sucking thing but also pay much money cost.


Like a tent, each stove get scores in these metrics. I weighed each of the stove with all of the things such as cases, accessories, cups and other things. When you think about camping, you may need lots of things, so weight is one of the major factors for your portability, that’s it. Experts always recommend choosing a low weight capacity stove.

Easy to operate

When I research, I think that it is an important metric. Sometimes we need to hurry hot food and this why we need an easy-operate stove. A stove that can simmer well can handle pancakes, a fresh-caught golden trout and others. For easily choosing an easy to operate the stove, you should focus on temperature, panel, and other things.


A stove is not much costly. But it is a challenging thing to find out the right with your budget. However, I always recommend my honourable users that choose the quality product not focus on price. If you want to choose a budget-friendly stove with quality features, you should need proper research about the products.

Best camp stove for backpacking FAQs

Q: How can I choose a backpacking stove?
A: You should consider some major things included windproof, easy portable, and other metrics if you want to choose the best backpacking stove.
Q: How much does a camp stove cost?
A: For a larger group (2 to 4), you may need to pay 100 to 300 USD. But if you want to choose up to 5 people camping you may need to pay up to 350 USD.


I hope this guide helps you find the perfect stove for your camping. All of the products come with quality features. I tried to apply my own experience each of the model. Overall, you get a complete idea after reading the best camp stove for backpacking. If you think you have any questions please don’t be hesitated, contact me right now or let me know on below comment box.

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