Best Electric Space Heater For RV 2020: The Ultimate Guide

Best electric space heater for RVIf you are traveling to a fantastic place that is a lot of colder than what you are used to, surely you will need a space heater, right? A space heater ensures your RV is warm as per your needs. Apart from heating, the compact and portable space heaters are safe and help you avoid the damage to your appliance.

Moreover, some people do not have a builder heater in their RVs, whereas others like to change their RV heating system. Whether you are looking for the affordable and safest space heater for RV, this guide will help you in deciding the best electric space heater for RV.

Best Electric Space Heater For RV Reviews

1. Mr. Heater F232000 MH9BX Space Heater for RV

Mr.-Heater-F232000-MH9BX-Space-Heater-for-RVOne of the most popular types of this space heater known by many is the propane heater. This unit comes with hooking up fuel, and the heater is designed with a swivel regulator to easy any headaches that may arise. To ensure no mishaps occur while in use, this component comes with low oxygen safety and a tip-over shut-off system for protecting the accident.

This device measurement is 14.17″ x 8.97″ x 14.37,” and the weighs only 9.5 lbs that ensure my portability. Moreover, if you are looking for something a little larger, you can upgrade this MR. Heater F232000 MH9BX. It prevents my headaches when I am going a long drive with my RV.


  • Provide a 3-years warranty
  • Safe to use RV’s inside
  • Constructed with great materials for durability
  • Low fuel-efficient and also save propane
  • Both great for RV and Tends


  • Used limited heat setting

2. Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater

Lasko-Ceramic-Portable-Space-HeaterIt is more than just a heater; Lasko Ceramic brings decorative warmth to your RV. However, this heater comes with 3-quiet settings such as low, fan, and high heat. I focus that this component only covers my RV’s 300 SQ FT that is enough for my comfort. Safety use is the top concern of Lasko; that’s why the Lasko Ceramic feature is safe, heatproof, and touch control exterior.

To easily assemble this component, it used low weight and a sturdy, soft handlebar. However, its manufacturer is truly well enough and support you for a long-time. If you think you need a complete or perfect heater for your RV, you will surely achieve this cheap unit for your space.


  • Have 3-quiet settings
  • Easy to portable
  • Affordable price
  • Top-mounted control facility
  • Long-time supported


  • The user manual is not clear

3. Heat Storm Phoenix Infrared Space Heater

Heat-Storm-Phoenix-Infrared-Space-HeaterYou can mount this Heat Strom heater on the floor, or remove the feet and mount this unit on a wall. Moreover, this component has up to 1500 watts of power, and it produces 5,200 BTUs for warm space. When I talked to the manufacturer, they told me that it used a patented heat exchanger, which has “HMS technology.”

However, it combines the heat the heater, which produces the humidity in the area to produce a safe soft heat but cannot prevent moisture. Overall, this compact comes with an LCD display that shows you the temperature level. Besides, this component also comes with a remote control easy operation system with a 1-year warranty for peach in mind.


  • Used LCD temperature indicator display
  • Included HMS technology
  • Easy to install any kinds of position
  • Produce safe and soft heat
  • Used premium materials


  • The remote control is not may strong enough

4. COSTWAY Oil Filled Radiator Heater

COSTWAY-Oil-Filled-Radiator-HeaterThe COSTWAY Oil Filled is better than another heater because of its portability and durability. This comes in at well under the $100 mark. This heater is remarkably small at just 14-inch, and surprisingly provide a good level of heat for your medium size RV room, bathroom, and also inside the home. Safety feature guarantees shut-off immediately if the temperature becomes too hot.

The oil permanently seals, and this why you can be safe from leakage problems. However, the thermostat gives you control over how much heat your require, and this unit works very quietly, so as long as your room keeps this unit comfort and perfect temperature heated.


  • Easy to portable and compact
  • Used thermostat technology
  • Automatic shut-off system
  • Available 7500 to 1500 watts
  • Heat up your space very quickly


  • Have not any economic settings

5. Caframo North Space heater for RV

Caframo-North-Space-heater-for-RVThe Caframo North space heater is ideal for your RV during those cold winter months. One of the great benefits to this Caframo particular heater is that it features innovative technology to protect your RV’s space against several internal temperatures (below 31F). Users are capable of changing the three heat settings such as high (1500-watts), medium (900-watts), and low (600-watts), attach with two powerful fans.

But this space heater needs electricity, once plugin. However, this component CSA approved and came with a limited 5-years warranty. I think it is one of the biggest portable heaters for the RV. It is a truly inexpensive model but doesn’t judge its feature at a price.


  • Comes with the long 6-inch electric cord
  • Quietly operate
  • Built-in thermostat for easily handle this unit
  • Small and compact design
  • Have a 5-years warranty


  • Have not any display for focusing the temperature

Best Electric Space Heater For RV Buying Guide


Power was taken into consideration while you are going to pick the best product for you. However, the power is included voltage, current as well as the wattage. Most of the brands use their best electric space heater for RV DC and AC facilities. If you want to get extra opportunities, you should choose both methods.


The essential thing that I consider while picking the best and safest power inverter. Efficiency means how well an inverter performs. If the inverter can not perform its function efficiently, then it is not worth your money. You should also know how an inverter works and how the fuel work with the inverter.


It is one of the sucking things. However, another thing is to consider while you are picking a space heater, noise level. Some of the people are okay with the extreme noise, whereas those who like silence do not appropriate heaters that produce noise during operation. It is wiser to think that avoids an inverter that has much loud.


Maintenance is of the major fact that I consider. Some heaters are easy to maintain, whereas some require expert knowledge. However, if you want to purchase an RV heater for the first time, I must recommend you buy a space heater without any expert knowledge. The products that I easily pick because of the comfortably operate.

Best electric space heater for RV FAQs

Q: Can space heater catch fire?
A: Yes, if you are not careful while using a space heater and do not follow the safety instructions, they can catch fire.
Q: Are space heater energy-efficiency?
A: Yes, a space heater for your RVs are available in a compact size and compact design. Not only are they portable, but also they capable of energy-efficiency.


You are staying warm while camping is crucial. It is truly important to keep the space warm if you are camping in a cold area. It hampers the older people, children extremely. Cold not only hampers the health condition but also hamper the RV types of furniture. So, a space heater protects yours from these hassles. So, why are you choosing the best electric space heater for RV right now?

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