5 Best Outdoor Storage Bench In 2021 [Full Guide+ Reviews]

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best outdoor storage benchAre you tired of the unnecessary clutter in your garden and patio? Even if you are not, you will be soon enough. So, why not save your time and hassle both with just one tool? Yeah, you guessed it right! The only solution for this big mess is to get the best outdoor storage bench.

An outdoor bench is a perfect combination of a deck box and patio chair facilities. So, we have chosen five of the best storage benches for you. These benches would serve both the advantage of sitting on outdoor and storing things like cushions, gardening tools, pool supplies, children’s toys, etc.

5 Best Outdoor Storage Bench Reviews

There have been a wide array of outdoor benches for its increasing demand in the present market. We have invested a great deal of time to find out the top 5 storage benches for your garden and patio by means of functionality, design and comfort.

For more information about how to buy the best storage bench, do read our buying guide.

1. Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench

Keter-Eden-70-Gallon-Storage-BenchLet’s begin with the most popular wood-like resin storage bench trending in the market. This blackish-brown resin finished bench storage looks just like a wooden piece. And it comes with a capacity of 771 lbs. That’s amazing because it can hold two adults sitting on the bench along with a lot of tools and accessories contained in the box.

The Keter Eden 70 gallon has the luxurious appearance of the wooden furniture with the benefits of resin finished deck box. So, you can totally enjoy a nice conversation with your partner or friends sitting in your tidy garden.


  • Having a resin construction requires low maintenance
  • Built-in ventilation and moisture resistant
  • The lockable lid keeps the things inside secure
  • Spacious Enough for two people
  • The luxurious appearance of wooden furniture


  • If you are planning on storing heavy things, you might need to reinforce the bottom with plywood.

Final Verdict

This is an absolute cost-effective and one of the best outdoor storage benches. And spoiler alert!!!! – This is the best pick in this list.

2. Suncast DB12000 Deck Box, 127 Gallon

Suncast-DB12000-Deck-Box,-127-GallonThe second product in our list is more like a deck box and less like an outdoor bench. However, it has an appealing outlook with a small height backrest. It is perfect for storing cushions, garden equipment, firewood, and more.

So, it might not be that much convenient for relaxing. But, it can get your clusters organized within seconds while giving your garden an extra dimension of beauty.



  • Comes with a storage tray for storing smaller stuff
  • Easy assembly within 5 minutes
  • Robust and durable resin construction with fade resistance and water-resistant feature
  • The functional lid prevents to enter water inside the box
  • 127-gallon capacity can hold a lot of outdoor stuff


  • The lid is quite light so that it can be fragile at certain points

Final Verdict

If you live in the USA and need a garden organizer box, get this beautiful deck box. It’s beautiful and probably the best garden storage bench in the market. All the Suncast Deck Box Reviews are proof of this excellency.

3. Suncast Elements Loveseat with Storage

Suncast-Elements-Loveseat-with-StorageThose who don’t like the deck boxes, no worries! We have another Suncast Product for you. This is one of the best outdoor loveseats with storage as well. You can enjoy hours of talk sitting comfortably on this durable and rugged resin construction.

Its heavy construction can deal with denting, warping, fading and rusting. Years go around, but this storage bench will withstand any weather. The waterproof lid is lockable, and it prevents any moisture from entering inside the box.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Perfect size and shape for two adults
  • Can hold gardening tools and kid’s toys inside


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Capacity is only 23 gallons

Final Verdict

It’s a decorative piece of outdoor furniture that allows sitting on it with the storage facility. Its affordable price is another reason why users love this storage loveseat.

4. Lifetime 60298 Heavy Duty Outdoor Storage Deck Box

Lifetime-60298-Heavy-Duty-Outdoor-Storage-Deck-BoxAnother Deck box cum outdoor bench in our list is Lifetime 130-gallon storage box. This is the best garden storage for its stylish appearance in a beautiful grey colour with extra-large storage capacity. It can be taken weight capacity 900 lbs. The Lifetime storage is made of rust-resistant stainless steel hardware.

This storage box has a heavy-duty, all weatherproof polyethene construction with a lockable lid. So, this storage box can withstand the cold and hot weather keeping the tools and accessories safe inside.


  •  All weatherproof construction
  •  Extra-large storage space
  • The lockable lid will not slam shut
  • Has a flat top which can be used as a seat or table


  • Shallow handles are not convenient for lifting the box. Troublesome to move.

Final Verdict

The Lifetime Deck box has a flat top which can be used as a seat or table both. And this is going to be the ultimate organizer in your garden.

5. Tangkula Gallon Acacia Wood  Storage Bench

Tangkula-Acacia-Wood-Storage-BenchThe last addition to our list is another item preferred by the wood lovers. This storage bench is made of Acacia Wood. This is one of the best storage benches because Acacia Wood has natural, it is not resistant to water.

So unlike most wood, you need not worry about your things inside getting wet or damp. And to add the icing on the cake, its eucalyptus finished gorgeous look makes it suitable to place anywhere.


  • Quite Spacious to organize all gardening tools, pool and outdoor equipment, cushions, etc.
  • Made of naturally  Acacia Wood.
  • Has a stunning appearance for the beach house gardens and similar décors.
  • Offers maximum comfort.


  • The hinges are a little delicate.

Final Verdict

The Home Style Montego Bay has been designed inspired by the island, and beach house themed furniture. So, if it matches your décor theme, get this outdoor organizer bench without any hesitation.

Outdoor Storage Bench Buying Guide

If you are wondering why buying a storage bench instead of a deck box. Well, the reason is pretty simple. When you get the advantage of two in one, would you settle for less? – The answer is clearly a ‘NO!’

So, let’s find out what things you need to look for when you are buying an outdoor storage bench.

1. Size and Capacity of the Storage Bench

Depending on your purpose of use, your requirement for the size might change. It also depends on the area where it will be located. If you have a small space in your garden or porch, you need a smaller bench box to hold only small materials like gardening tools and cushions.

But if you have ample space, you might also choose to buy a big outdoor storage shed according to your need as well. This is just one aspect. From the other side, some storage benches are more likely to be a porch bench than a storage box, while some others are the opposite. So, it depends on the purpose of use.

2. Material

Just like any other furniture for your garden, you need to consider the material of the outdoor bench boxes as well. Usually, deck boxes or storage benches for outdoor use are made of wood PVC resin materials or different kinds of woods.

The plastic and resins make best waterproof outdoor storage which is affordable, durable and easy to maintain than the wooden storage benches. The PVC resin outdoor benches are light in weight and portable. Moreover, you can get a lot of variations in design and aesthetics in them. But PVC storage benches are hard to mend when it’s broken.

Different types of wood that is used to manufacture wooden storage benches include teak, eucalyptus, cedar or pressure-treated pine wood. Wooden benches are beautiful and luxurious for the outdoor décor. But they require high maintenance and a handsome amount of money.

Unlike PVC resin storage benches, wooden benches are sensitive to the weather effects, and it needs regular painting as well. Therefore, considering all the facts, our recommendation goes for the PVC resin materials over wood.

3. Design and Functionality

There are vast variations in the design and features in the storage bench boxes. Since you are getting these for outdoor décor, you need to focus on whether the material is water and UV resistant or not. Besides, you need to check for the security lock capability, sitting comfort, portability of the benches, and diverse use of the garden storage bench.

There are more features available nowadays for different use of these deck boxes. So, you need to decide the features depending on your priority checklist.

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