7 Best Outdoor Storage Sheds In-2021 [Full Guide + Review]

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best outdoor storage shedsThe idea of building an ordinary storage shed in the yard has gone out of fashion now. These days, there are plenty of options for modern outdoor storage sheds in the market. But choosing and buying the best outdoor storage shed is a tricky part to do.

Therefore in this article, you will learn the paramount benefits you can expect from an outdoor shed and use of various garden sheds. We will be reviewing some of the best products in the market and in the end, we will add up a detailed buying guide for you.

Best Outdoor Storage Sheds Reviews

Modern Storage sheds come in various shapes and designs with multiple functionalities. So generalizing the best choices might not be appropriate for everyone. So, we have done our part of research to shortlist the best storage sheds reviews in 2019 with different sizes, functionality, and design. Now it’s your turn to do your part of research to select the one that meets your requirements. For your help, you recommend reading our buying guide before you go through the reviews.

1. Rubbermaid 7×3 Feet Outdoor Shed

Rubbermaid-7x3-Feet-Outdoor-ShedThe first product of our best storage sheds review is from Rubbermaid. This brand already has a good reputation of providing high-quality outdoor products. This 7×3 feet outdoor shed by Rubbermaid is a small and nice storage shed that will fit just fine in any garden.

The double-wall resin construction makes it stronger and ensures durable use. You can go years with this heavy-duty plastic without any damage because it is dent-proof, weather-resistant, and impact resistant.

Two people can easily assemble this small shed. It is expected to take just 2-3 hours to assemble with common household tools.

The main drawback is that you cannot use this as a workshop or kid’s playhouse, because it’s a little small for that. So if you are looking for a shed with a big space, then you should just skip this one.


  • Double-wall resin construction for extra strength
  • Sloppy roof panels shed off water or snow quickly and keep it safe from leakage
  • Treated with Dent-proof and weatherproof elements
  • Lockable doors for easy access
  • Suitable for smaller garden/yards


  • Not suitable for a bigger and wider equipment
  • Need an additional flooring

Final Verdict

The Rubbermaid 7×3 feet outdoor shed is a perfect small size shed for storing taller items. It is though too small for a workshop, but it can hold a lot of small items inside securely.

2. Suncast BMS4900D Glidetop Slide Lid Outdoor Storage Shed

Suncast-BMS4900D-Glidetop-Slide-Lid-Outdoor-Storage-ShedThe Suncast BMS4900 Glidetop is a beautiful medium-sized gambrel shed. Its lockable sliding lids make it spacious for taller items to store inside. It also gives easy access to take out products. So, you can store your gardening tools and all other outdoor gears, bikes or patio chairs inside of this shed.

The Shed features multi-wall resin construction without compromising with the outlook. This outdoor resin storage shed comes with a stylish wood grain texture on the top which gives it a lavishing look.

The durable resin offers more strength for supporting heavy items while the wide doors at the front allow easy access to the bigger items like bike and mowers. For security purpose, you can lock all the access paths together. This spacious mid-sized storage shed fits anywhere in your garden beautifully.


  • Features multi-wall resin panels which give more strength and stability
  • Functional sliding lid for easy and wide access
  • Suitable for storing lawnmowers, patio furniture or bikes
  • Reinforced floor supports heavier items


  • It requires an additional foundation material

Final Verdict

The Suncast Bms4900D Glidetop Slide Lid is the perfect medium-sized storage shed for those who have only a small space for sheds in their yard or garden.

3. Keter Manor Large 4×6 Ft. Resin Outdoor Storage Shed

Keter-Manor-Large-4x6-FtThis easy maintenance storage shed is made from recyclable polypropylene resin plastic and reinforced steel. So, obviously it ensures strength and durability with large coverage. This stylish and spacious shed can be used for storing bikes, outdoor equipment, and small machinery and pool gears.

If you want, you can use this shed for your other activities. If you have kids then it can turn into the best plastic outdoor storage shed for their playhouse as it has ventilation windows and vents. The wood-like resin wall doesn’t peel off. So you can expect durable storage shed without losing its stylish appeal. This easy to install outdoor shed is all weatherproof, rust proof, dent proof, and rot proof. It’s metal hinges ensure extra stability.


  • The shed is made of recyclable resin
  • Features steel reinforced panels that provide strengths and durable use
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Wood-like texture creates a stylish look that suits with any décor
  • Offers coverage with security


  • Requires an additional padlock

Final Verdict

The Keter Manor Large Storage Shed is made of recyclable plastic through an eco-friendly manufacturing process. So, if you are getting an option that presents you both amazing storage features which is friendly to nature, then you definitely should choose it over all other options.

4. Arrow 6×5 feet Hamlet Storage Shed

Arrow-6x5-feet-Hamlet-Storage-ShedThe Arrow 6×5 Feet Hamlet Storage is our next pick. This shed is a classical gable shed. But the roof slopes are not that sharp the traditional ones. So, it allows you to utilize more of the space inside and sore all your necessary outdoor tools.

For added security, this shed features a pad-lockable door. You just need to buy a nice and secure lock for it.

Now come to the other aspect. If you like this heavy-duty durable electro-galvanized steel made storage shed then you should know that you cannot assemble it by yourself. It needs at least two people like most other sheds. But it can take longer than the other sheds usually take to assemble. But it would be best if you leave this job to the professionals.


  • Made of durable electro-galvanized steel with rust and corrosion resistant feature
  • Single Sliding door makes an easy entrance and disposal of items
  • It can hold a lot of items within the 142 cubic feet area inside.
  • Its neutral color scheme complements almost any exteriors
  • Traditional sloped steel roof slide off the rainwater and keeps it safe
  • Comes with a 12 years warranty


  • Assembling this storage shed is quite hard.
  • Requires additional flooring plywood

Final Verdict

With the natural color scheme, this classical gable shed would just fit in your garden beautifully. Though it could feel troublesome while assembling, but for such a reasonable price, this shed worth it.

5. Lifetime 6446 Outdoor Storage Shed

Lifetime-6446-Outdoor-Storage-ShedIf you have a farmhouse- like a big house with a wide garden, and you are looking for a really large outdoor storage shed, then hold on here. The option for you cannot be any other sheds rather than the Lifetime 8×15 feet outdoor storage shed.

The high-density polyethylene plastic construction offers long and durable use without getting damaged by any harsh weather elements, rust or corrosion. Its gable shed roof helps to avoid rain accumulation.

Lifetime outdoor storage shed reviews commonly mentioned about its big storage space. It is spacious enough for storing your big landscaping equipment, bikes, and all your gardening tools and outdoor furniture. You can use it as a workshop as well since it has a well ventilation facility with windows and shutters.

This shed is lightweight, so it’s easy to install, but the installation process might take a while. Although it’s lightweight, it is still capable of holding the big shed structure. Due to plastic material, it won’t cost much like the wooden outdoor sheds.


  • High-quality plastic construction
  • Huge storage area, perfect size to turn into a home office and kids’ playhouse
  • Low maintenance required
  • UV protected water and weather-proof Polyethylene body
  • Comes with a 10 years limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Instructions are poorly written
  • Takes longer to assemble

Final Verdict

If you are searching for a huge outdoor shed, don’t waste your time searching for a better option, because you won’t find one. So hurry up and buy it now.

6. Keter Factor 6×3 feet. Resin Backyard Storage Shed

Keter-Factor-6x3-feetThe sixth product on our list is again a Keter storage shed. The Keter Factor 6×3 Feet. Storage shed is a medium-sized vertically high storage shed that has enough room to store your garden mowers and pruners, axes and etc.

you can also store most of your hardware tools inside of this shed too. Alongside high quality, Keter factor comes with stylish design in a neutral color scheme. So, you don’t even need to consider your exterior theme to buy this one. It will fit anywhere with any décor.


  • The robust construction of polypropylene resin plastic and reinforced steel
  • Small yet 113 cubic feet spacious storage allows to store your outdoor gadgets
  • Wood-like texture in neutral color creates a stylish look
  • Complements any décor
  • Classical gable roof sheds off rain water easily


  • Additional brick base or plywood flooring required.
  • Some customers weren’t satisfied with keter’s customer service.

Final Verdict

Keter has a wide variety in size and design in the best outdoor storage sheds. Keter Factor 6×3 feet resin shed has also become a popular medium shed for smaller spaces. You can be assured by their reputation for great quality.

7. Rubbermaid Roughneck 5×2 feet Storage Shed

Rubbermaid-Roughneck-5x2-feet-Storage-ShedGot bored of that traditional gable sheds? If you have already, then the last product in our best outdoor storage shed reviews is the one for you.

This is the second Rubbermaid product which we selected for its unique design and great customer reviews.

The Rubbermaid Roughneck is a fusion between gable and lean-to sheds. It has two vaguely sloped roofs that seem like the lean-to sheds. This means it makes the maximum utilization of the storage space inside while avoiding rain water accumulation.

This robust resin made storage shed comes in nice grey (Faint maple and brown) color that looks stunning when it’s fully assembled and placed in the yard or garden. The double-wall feature ensures strong construction with weather resistance, rot and rust resistance, water and moisture resistance.


  • Ideal for storing narrow and taller items
  • Roughneck has a tough construction
  • Compact size is perfect to fit in smaller space
  • It comes with an impact-resistant floor that protects the items from moist and inclement weather.


  • Need to buy additional Shelves and accessories

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a stylish yet compact storage shed which is suitable for storing your long and tall gardening tools beside small tools. Then you should go for this one without any doubt.

Outdoor Storage Sheds Buying Guide

Why should you buy an Outdoor Storage Shed?

If you own a home with a big yard, then you might be thinking of buying an outdoor shed for some reason. But let me tell you, an outdoor shed is far more beneficial than you think it can be. Let’s have a look at the benefits of having outdoor storage shed.

1. Safe Organized Gardening tools, vehicles, and other equipment

Often people get an outdoor storage bench for storing smaller gardening tools and pull equipment. But it won’t help for the bigger gardening tools like shovels, axes, lawn mowers and fertilizer spreaders, or your gaming equipment.

With an outdoor shed, you can avoid your garden getting cluttered and get everything organized in one specific place.

2. Generates additional space with multiple functionalities

A storage shed is not beneficial in just one way- to organize gardening tools, or keeping your motorbike safe. You can turn your shed into a workshop anytime you need it. You can use it as your kids’ playhouse or an art studio.

Some people do use an outdoor shed as their gym or gaming room. If you want you can turn it into a home office or a mini spa if you wish as well.

Outdoor storage sheds free up spaces in your yard and utilizes it in whatever manner you want. So you can see, it’s beneficial in more ways than you thought.

3. Protecting necessary tools with improved garden aesthetics

With the best outdoor resin storage sheds you don’t need to compromise with your garden aesthetics anymore. In fact, storage sheds efficiently store all necessary tools in one common place. It provides you with quicker and easier access to the required things while lifting up the garden appearance.

4. Allows to store hazardous materials safely and far from your living area

If you have any professional or personal projects that require hazardous or flammable chemicals, then having an outdoor shed is a plus for you. You can store all those harmful, hazardous things out of your living space, far but safe.

5. Increases property value

Having an outdoor storage shed will come in handy if you ever plan on selling your property. A storage shed is no less than an additional garage. So, it can be a good investment for the future.

What you should look for in an ideal outdoor storage shed? – A number of things actually. Here’s what you should consider before choosing the best garden storage sheds.

1. Types of Different Style Sheds

Based on different materials, size, design, and foundation there are various types of garden storage sheds. You need to decide first whether you need a storage shed as a garage, Personal stuff and tools storage, office space or gaming room. And then choose from the following types of sheds.

Gable Sheds

These are regular style classic sheds featuring standard rooftops. Gable roof sheds water and snow very easily. So if you live in a place where it often rains or snows then it’s perfect for you.

Gambrel Sheds

This type of sheds has steeply sloped roofs that allow rain and snowfall off but not as easily as the gable ones. But this type of shed creates more space inside of the shed than the gable sheds. So you can store tall items in these sheds.

Saltbox Sheds

These shades are like the gamble sheds but have uneven slopes of the roof. One side of the roof is longer than the other side which creates an attractive yet classical outlook. But, it can be tricky to set up.

Lean-to Sheds

This type of sheds come in the shape of cuboids and they are easy to set up. This type of sheds allows you to utilize the extra storage space with its design efficiency.

2. Materials

Garden storage sheds are usually made of either one of metal, wood or plastic. Each of these three has its own pros and cons. So, it will depend on your requirement and purpose of use that which material will be best for you.

Metal Sheds

The good things about metal sheds include its robust and durable construction. These sheds last almost forever and they are constructed with rot, rust, and weather-resistant elements.

The drawbacks of metal sheds are that these sheds don’t have an attractive outlook like the wooden sheds. Moreover, they are hard to modify as well. And if you opt for a cheaper metal, then it might end up catching rust and corrosion.

Wooden Sheds

Wooden sheds are the most popular garden sheds. You can expect a wide range of varieties in modern or traditional designs for these kinds of sheds. The best thing is you can modify wooden sheds later if you need to as it’s easy to assemble.

But you need to pay a lot more attention to the maintenance than you need for other materials. The thickness of the timber will decide how long your shed’s going to last. If the timber is not treated properly then it might get rotted or damaged by the weather.

Plastic sheds

Plastic sheds offer you the best price on outdoor storage sheds. People are more likely to buy cost-effective plastic sheds for its low maintenance, durability and weather compatibility. Not to mention, they are also easy to assemble.

But unless you make sure of buying the best plastic sheds then you might make a huge mistake. Unlike wooden and metal sheds, plastic sheds do not offer the utmost security. It might also get affected in extremely hot weather. And nonetheless, plastic sheds are not convenient for customization.

3. Side wall and flooring Material

We often forget about an important thing before buying garden sheds. The side walls and flooring materials of the sheds that come in contact with the garden field.

So, whatever material the side wall and flooring is, it must be treated for any potential damage from the soil or weather. After all, what good in buying a shed that can’t store your tools unharmed.

4. Ease of Installation

You need to go through the features of each product to check whether its assembly process is a DIY or it requires professionals to do. Both are okay. But try to get a storage shed that is easy to assemble.

5. Easy and Wide Access Path

We often want to buy an outdoor storage shed when we need to store bigger and taller items. So try to choose one that has an easy and wider access door allowing the items to pass through it.

6. Additional Storage Design

Depending on the purpose of use, you might sometimes need some additional storage. There are many outdoor sheds that feature corner sheds, vertical sheds and horizontal sheds of different sizes. You can choose according to your requirements. But do not forget to look for this even if you initially don’t need it.

7. Price against Quality and Durability

The last but not the least, do give it a think, whether the shed you are choosing is worth the money it costs or not. Always do the market research and compare the quality and features against the price to ensure a best-buy.

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