Best Patio Umbrella Base For Wind Reviews 2020: Essential Buyer’s Guide

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Best Patio Umbrella Base For WindThe best patio umbrella base for wind is not included most of the umbrella. But without a base, you can not install the umbrella with your space. Most of them come with quality features and provide strong weight capacity. But it is tricky enough to find out the best one. Imagine, if the wind comes with a storm, your umbrella becomes poor against the wind if you do not choose the right one.

So, for choosing the best one, you need excellent research at the proper time. Don’t worry; I won’t tell you to spend much money. I already do your excellent research and choose the 6 best products that are now top-rated in the market. So, let’s break down the list below.

Best Patio Umbrella Base For Wind Reviews

1. Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Base for Wind

Shademobile-Outdoor-Umbrella-Base-for-WindElegant with safety features, and this umbrella base comes with strong quality. Whatever if you have an umbrella for wind, surely you need to choose the best quality base for protection from wind. This heavy-duty patio umbrella base features a patented compartment that lets you add your own pebbles, bricks, and support up to 95-lbs weight capacity.

The weight limit is enough for storm-wind to protect the umbrella. The base allows the umbrella to use with any weather conditions. Overall, it comes with an affordable price but doesn’t judge this model with its price.


  • Comes with safety features
  • 95-lbs weight capacity
  • Easy to rolling out
  • Useable with any weather condition
  • Comes with affordable price


  • None

2. TropiShade 30-Pound Bronze Umbrella Stand

TropiShade-30-Pound-Bronze-Umbrella-StandThis is a traditional look umbrella stand that comes from popular brand TropiShade. This unit’s weight is 30-pounds, which means the product can protect the wind or extreme rain around 30-pounds of weight. However, it has a 20-inch diameter, which easily adjusts around all of the umbrellas.

For durability, this component is used cast iron, which is very strong and sturdy. Overall, you can easily tighten and loosen the umbrella with this unit. So, without delay, you can also apply this component for your umbrella without any hassles.


  • Able to take much weight
  • Easy to tight and loose
  • Traditional look
  • Of course, durable to use
  • Hassle-free to installation


  • Some users think that it is not much heavier

3. PURPLE LEAF Offset Patio Umbrella Base

PURPLE-LEAF-Offset-Patio-Umbrella-BaseLet’s introduce the next one. You may know that PURPLE LEAF is a common name of the umbrella industry. However, this unit’s measurement is 36.6″ x 36.6″ x 8,” which takes less space for installing the umbrella. It is made with PP plastic, real hard and weather-resistant, that allows you to maintain this unit long period life.

Furthermore, the device is able to support 285-lbs weight, which is enough for storm winds. You can be injected water and sand without thinking more. The color is also amazing and fits with any places, especially for professional space.


  • Take much weight
  • Used high-quality plastic
  • Support up to the 285-lbs weigh
  • Easily fit with any kinds of space
  • The materials are eco-friendly


  • Some users found the issue to fill the water

4. Best Choice Products Fillable Umbrella Base

Best-Choice-Products-Fillable-Umbrella-BaseThe base can be weight down up to 50-pounds of water or sand. If you want to portable this component, simply you need to empty the base, and it automatically becomes lightweight. Moreover, it is made with rugged and durable HDPE plastic, which able to support your life for using the device with the best experience.

Used concrete steel pole, which is added extra value of this component. The overall dimension of this component is 19.5″ (Dia) x 10.75″ (H). The measurement is perfect and design for taking less space.


  • Easy to storage
  • Holds various umbrella size
  • Used durable and high-quality materials
  • Hassle-free water and sand filling
  • Design with taking less space


  • Expected more weight

5. Abba Patio 50lb Umbrella Base

Abba-Patio-50lb-Umbrella-BaseWhen you choose a weather-resistant umbrella, why not choose a water-resistant umbrella base for strong protection. However, this umbrella base comes with UV-protection and suitable for any kind of weather condition. You fill the base with water and soap after that is able to support 50-lb easily.

When you empty the stand, it becomes lightweight so you can hassle-free to portable it. Abba patio 50-lb umbrella base hassle-free to clean, which means you just need to hose down to clean the product. You can use it around all of the umbrellas without any extra tools.


  • Comes with weather-resistant
  • Have UV-protection
  • Hassle-free to clean system
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • User-friendly


  • None of issue

6. Abba Patio Umbrella Outdoor Base

Abba-Patio-Umbrella-Outdoor-BaseThis is my final and another Abba patio umbrella base or stands, which comes with strong quality and provides lifetime support. It used heavy-duty stainless steel that provides strong support, even storm wind. Support up to 53-lbs weight, which is enough for heavy rain and wind.

Included two hand tightening knobs, which also allows you to lose the umbrella when you want. Whatever the below materials do not show the people because you can easily hide it, you will achieve lots of high-quality features from this unit with lower budget price.


  • Heavy-weight capacity
  • Used heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Tow tight and loose knob
  • Awesome look and lifetime useable
  • No need any extra tools for installing with umbrella


  • A little bit costly

Best Patio Umbrella Base For Wind Buying Guide

Weight capacity

When you think about an umbrella base or stand, weight also comes here. The weight of the product allows your umbrella that it is windproof or not. However, you choose a base that comes with a minimum of 50-lbs weight because of strong support from the wind. You may also get more weight support products.


Materials are one of the most important parts of a base or stand. Most of the popular brand comes with PP plastic, caster iron, steel, and some other well-known materials. So, for durability and strong protection from wind, you need to choose a base that is made with strong materials.

Tight and loosen knob

Though most of the experts avoid this section, I think it is still workable. The tight and loose knob allows your umbrella firmly to attach with the base or stand. You may know that there are two or single knob available. If you want to secure your umbrella more, I think two knobs are better than a single knob.

Extra features

You can choose a portable base, which means you can easily install with your patio anywhere again and again without any pain. For this, you need to choose a base that hassle-free fill-up with water and soap and also removable. When you remove the water or soap, the product becomes lightweight and portable, and you can easily install any kind of space.

Best Patio Umbrella Base For Wind FAQs

Q: What is the best umbrella base for the wind?

A: Well, if you want to choose the best umbrella base, surely you need to consider their materials, constructions, and others which you can get from the upper product.

Q: How many weights are perfect for protecting from wind?

A: It depends on your umbrella. But the standard weight level up to 50-lbs. So, it would help if you chose up to 50-lbs weight.


After this review, buying guide, and pros and cons, I think it is clear to you choose the best patio umbrella base for the wind of your patio or yard. The above all of the products are top-rated and well-known on the market. So, you can choose any of them without any hassles.

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