Best Stackable Washer Dryer For RV in 2021 – Top Rated Reviews

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best stackable washer dryer for RVWhat is the best stackable washer dryer for RV? There are too many products have in the market, and it is hard to determine the right one for your recreational vehicles. That’s why you need to compare your option based on several factors, including storage or capacity, controls, materials, portability, durability, and other features option.

For this reason, I have put a guide for you to help you pick the right washing machine. However, in this guide, I review the top 5 washing machines for your reference and comparison. So, without wasting our valuable time, let’s get started the informative review.

Best Stackable Washer Dryer For RV Reviews

1. SUPER DEAL Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine for RV

SUPER-DEAL-Mini-Twin-Tub-Washing-Machine-for-RVThe SUPER DEAL mini twin tub washing machine is one of the most impressive models, and it is suitable for recreational vehicles like RV and car. I liked its powerful performance of this machine; it allows you to feature rotation per minute, reaching up to 1300.  However, the motor of this washer and dryer combo also has maximum frequency 60Hz.

The maximum weight capacity of this unit five pounds that is enough for your RV. The machine is portable, allowing you to transport the machine easily. So, you can easily install it with your RV without taking much space.


  • Spin dry capacity and large wash
  • It is powerful 1300 RPM
  • Ideal for home and RV
  • Easy to portable
  • Included dry time


  • It washes the cloth slowly

2. Giantex Portable Compact Washing machine for RV

Giantex-Portable-Compact-Washing-machine-for-RVWhen Giantex comes to a solid and portable washing machine for RV, you might be wanted to take a look at the 13 lbs capacity spin dryer and washer made this unit better than any other models. You set the washing cycle up to 15 minutes or five minutes for the spin-dry cycle. However, this unit also likes the space-saving machine design of the washer and dry combo.

Moreover, it is a powerful motor 3000W (washing) and 110W of spinning. Overall, this component is what you need if you want to relief from hand washing and spending too much of time. With its maintain, you will get more freedom, less effort, and save you lots of time.


  • Included timer option
  • Save times and get freedom
  • It is a space-saving machine
  • Large capacity for RV
  • Very powerful 1300 RPM


  • Sometimes create a problem when you used its full capacity

3. ZENY Portable Mini Tub Washing Machine

ZENY-Portable-Mini-Tub-Washing-MachineZENY is a compact mini tub washing machine that is excellent for washing and a second tub for the spin cycle for helping the dry garments. This mini tub is suitable for home, RV, camping, and outdoors because of its portability. However, you will need explorer dual performance because the wash cycle runs for up to 15 minutes and while the spin cycle runs for up to run 5 minutes.

Moreover, this unit allows me easily to drain when I used it to my RV. However, I found its two suction cups that help me to use this machine safely. I think it saves me lots of time, and I am honored to use this washing machine.


  • Take less time to wash the cloth
  • Easy to drain with hose
  • Safe to use because of the suction cup
  • Have dual high performance
  • Easy to carry and operate


  • Some users found it leaking problem (rear)

4. Splendide WD2100XC Combo Washing Machine

Splendide-WD2100XC-Combo-Washing-MachineJust as you can hear from Splendide washing machine from Amazon and the other side, this model is a great choice for many users. I tried it my RV, and I found it a very low-noise level. I would also recommend this model for its brushless AC motor that support varies type of recreational vehicles.

However, when it comes to the washing efficiency, you will love this powerful washer dryer combo that offers 1200-RPM spin, something useful for heavy cotton. Moreover, this machine has a touch knobs that turn easily. When this unit comes to the spin cycle, you always get an updated display. For your kind information, its laundry aids can be added automatically.


  • Provides you 1200-RPM spin
  • 20% faster than another machine
  • Getting always updated display
  • Has soft touch knob
  • Super features and functions


  • A little bit expensive

5. LG WM3997HWA Ventless Washing machine for RV

LG-WM3997HWA-Ventless-Washing-machine-for-RVLFor your unparalleled cloth ability without taking up a ton of valuable floor space, look no further than one of the best LG WM3997HWA Ventless washer/dryer combinations. The stainless steel drum and rest assured the gentle impeller that will fully clean your cloth. However, this unit able to take up to 4 Cu. Ft. capacity that is enough for the RV compartment.

You will explorer 14 wash cycles, 4 dry cycles, and five temperatures option. Overall, this component provides your cloth deeply clean without any damages. It is also an affordable or budget washing machine for the RV. The features also support you for a long-time.


  • Have enough 4 cu.ft. space
  • Easy to compact and portable
  • Used stainless steel drum for safe cloth
  • Included 5 temperature options
  • It is an affordable and budget product


  • The drain position appliance is critical

Best Stackable Washer Dryer For RV Buying Guides

Setting and Control

Besides the upper features, you may look for one of those easy and good control settings and added the convenience of using your appliance. You must check if the settings and controls what you are looking for. However, you should check out the washing machine combo, user-friendly controls, and settings. This section helps you to use the washing machine comfortably and hassle-free.

Operation Noise

If you are looking for a washing machine for your RV, you should choose a noise-free machine. As you might already know, it is among us to use a machine that produces too much noise whenever it runs. It becomes noisier when you run it at night; for avoiding the issue, some brands use direct drive or a tri-phase motor to reduce the noise level.

Limitation of Space

Most of the recreational vouchers like RV, Car has limited space. For this happen, you should consider the size of your RV. The second thing is that you just have to know where you want to install your RV. You should also determine which products are available for your position. I found all most all of the washer machines in the market, which is an ideal size for RV.


This is another important feature of a wash and dryer combo, which you should not avoid. You must find out the durable component. Generally, some of the most popular brands use stainless steel drums, and some of them used plastic drums; both are well enough. On the other hand, so many RV owners used stainless steel drums because of the cloth’s safety.

Best stackable washer dryer for rv FAQs

Q: What are the good RV washer dryer brands?
A: Many brands I found well enough, including Splendide, ZENY, LG, Giantex, and Dometic. These are some of the brands that I have reviewed, and I also believe that they are one of the finest models.
Q: How to use an RV washer dryer combo?
A: An RV washer dryer is simple to use as a home washer machine. You just need to put the cloth, add some detergent, and water that is enough. Next, you need to press the start button and wait some moment.


There you have already guided how to choose the best stackable washer dryer for RV. I tried my best to answer all of the questions frequently. I hope that now you able to compare the product and also capable to choose the best one. So, why not are you choosing the best one today?

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