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Best-Trampoline-matsThe best trampoline mats are those that ensure maximum safety with the most enjoyable experience.

But you must not miss out the other important detail about these mats. But even if you miss, we don’t.

So, here is the final result of our research. These five trampoline mat reviews with the best trampoline mat replacement buying guide will help you pick up the right size and quality for your trampoline.

5 Best Trampoline Mats Reviews

So many different manufacturers have launched trampoline mats in a variety of shape, size, and features. We have done our market research based on the features that matter when you are buying a good trampoline mat (see our trampoline mat buying guide).

These are the five best replacement trampoline mats we shortlisted after our research.

   1. SkyBound Replacement Trampoline Mat

Skybound Replacement Trampoline Mat comes in three different sized Trampoline Frames- 12ft, 14ft, and 15ft diameter frame. So you SkyBound-Replacement-Trampoline-Matneed to measure the diameter of your trampoline and place an order.

This replacement mat comes with a free spring pulling tool that will help you to replace the old mat within seconds.

With the UV protective high-quality material, Skybound Trampoline mat ensures the best experience with a one year warranty.

This replacement mat for your trampoline is safe for your kids bouncing on it all day long. So you don’t need to worry about leaving your children enjoying playing with on trampoline.

Some users though encountered with the fragility issue of the V rings while many others have found it just fine. So, it still remains a matter of concern.


  •      Comes with a 1 Year Warranty
  •      Heavy Duty V Rings
  •      Strong Seams
  •      Safe for children
  •      UV protective sun guards
  •      High-quality materials
  •      Heavy Reinforced Stitching


  •      Costly
  •      The metal V rings don’t last longer

Final Verdict

Skybound 14ft Replacement Trampoline Mat is a top-rated and sturdy replacement mat that you can give a try. Though costly, it is well worth the money with its versatile features.

2. Upper Bounce Trampoline Replacement Mat

The Upper Bounce Replacement Trampoline Mat is one of our best replacement trampoline mats. It has been designed perfectly ensuring Upper-Bounce-Trampoline-Replacement-Matboth quality and durability.

The Deep black colored trampoline mat is fade resistant and UV resistant at the same time. So you can leave it under the skin burning sun without bothering about its breaking off.

For extra assurance that the mat doesn’t tear off, Upper Bounce manufacturer has given eight rows of stitching. So, don’t make any compromise jumping over it.

The premium polypropylene black mat makes your jumping game even more enjoyable.

The latter are the variables which contribute to the deterioration of the trampoline mat; hence the manufacturer pushes its durability to the limits, though the manufacturers provide a six months warranty.


  •   Heavy-duty material
  •   8-row stitching
  •   Water and UV resistant
  •   Wide range of choice for V rings number and spring length
  •   Fade Resistant


  •   Only comes in size for a 15ft wide trampoline
  •   6 months Warranty only
  •   Some found it much spongy

Final Verdict

Upper Bounce trampoline mate consists of the best quality polypropylene and stainless, rust-proof steel to ensure the best jumping experience to the users.

3. Trampoline Pro Replacement Trampoline Mat

The Trampoline Pro has been a reputable name for making the best trampoline mat replacement. The Trampoline Pro offers a bunch of Trampoline-Pro-Replacement-Trampoline-Matsize options to match your needs. So, don’t get confused. Just measure your Trampoline size to get the perfect one.

These mats last almost forever under the sun or rain. Since it’s both water-resistant and UV resistant, it won’t break out even if you leave it under the burning sun.

The Permatron fibers of this mat are so comfortable that when you jump on this mat, you cannot feel the fibers. The UV protection formula keeps its temperature balanced and maximizes your comfort.

The instruction manual will lead you on how to replace the mat very clearly, and you will find yourself done within just 30 minutes to replace the mat.


  •   Easy to install
  •   Durable
  •   Clear instruction manual
  •   Great stitches
  •   Many size variation
  •   Water-resistant
  •   UV resistant


  •   You need to exact about your size

Final Verdict

Don’t get confused about the size variations. It’s not even a drawback as a trampoline mat. Eventually, you need to learn how to measure your trampoline size precisely. If you make peace with your measuring confusion, then don’t miss out this everlasting trampoline replacement mat by Trampoline Pro.

4. Skybound Premium Replacement Trampoline Mat

Don’t be too surprised seeing the second trampoline mat by skybound in our best trampoline article reviewsSkybound-Premium-Replacement-Trampoline-Mat

It’s because skybound is committed to its customers with durability and reliability assurance. They are promised for excellence or nothing else.

The heavy-duty V rings of the Premium Trampoline Replacement Mats are made of gauge steel, the most robust steel in the industry. The sturdy steel ensures that this trampoline mats stand with the beating they get from the daily use.

Just like all the other skybound trampoline mats, the skybound premium trampoline mat also comes with additional incredible warranties. It has a three years warranty the stitches and the strong V-ring and a five years warranty for any manufacturers’ defects.

You are probably going crazy thinking about how comes a mat has a warranty on the V-rings. Isn’t it amazing that the premium mat has a free discount on the spring components?


  •   You get a warranty on the Stitching and V rings
  •   Super durable
  •   Sun guard protection
  •   Great fittings
  •   Strong V rings and springs


  •   Freaking expensive

Final Verdict

The mat has Sunguard TM, which protects the mat from harmful UV light hence ranging the durability of this mat by 50%. The manufacturer constructed this mat with the best materials that make it one of the best trampoline mats that stands out of all.

5. Skywalker Trampolines Round Jump Mats

The Skywalker Trampolines Jump Mat 12/15ft is the last product on our best trampoline mat reviews. The absolute specialty of this Skywalker-Trampolines-Round-Jump-Matsparticular one is its woven mat surface which prevents you from slipping.

This feature will ensure maximum safety to you and your kids who are always ready for some jumping game.

If you have a 12ft or 15ft wide trampoline, then this is the perfect choice for you. The Skywalker jump mat is an excellent OEM trampoline mat consists of UV resistant quality materials allowing it to withhold in the sun for a long time.


  •    Safe
  •    Comes with a one year guarantee
  •     Prevent Slipping
  •     UV protected Polypropylene


  •   Not so Durable as others

Final Verdict

Getting the right size is quite forthright with this trampoline mat as you have only two size options. Like the other trampoline mats, you can buy the enclosure net separately. Instead of getting a whole new trampoline, we recommend you to try this Skywalker trampoline mat for once.

Best Trampoline Mats Buying Guide

There are simply five significant things to consider while buying a trampoline mat replacement.

  1. Frame Size

While purchasing a trampoline mat, don’t measure the inside diameter of the mat. Measure your trampoline frame’s diameter because that’s how the manufacturer’s label.

If you are buying a 12ft trampoline mat, then, it doesn’t mean the diameter of the mat is 12ft, but the diameter of your frame.

  1. Number of V rings/ springs

A number of V rings is an essential thing to consider while buying a trampoline mat. Count the V-ring numbers of your existing trampoline mat and try to buy a replacement mat having a same or close number of V rings to the previous one.

The number of V rings and spring you have, the more support you get.

  1. Material

Material is the 1st thing you should consider a mat. If you don’t feel the comfort while jumping over the mat, then it’s not worth it. So make sure you are buying a replacement jumping mat that is made of good quality material.

  1. Water Resistant and UV Protective properties

If you have settled your trampoline outside the home and under the sun, then you have to make sure that your trampoline mat is made with water-resistant and UV protective properties. Otherwise, the mat surface will start to crack while left under the sun for a while.

  1. Number of Stitches

The number of stitches at the edge of the mat indicates how rigid and strong the mat is. So you should consider the mats that have 6-8 or more stitches after checking its warranty.

Wrapping Up

Some trampoline mats come with some extra features that might be considered according to your need or preference. But the basics must be checked if you want to ensure about buying the best replacement trampoline mats.


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