Best Trampoline Pads In 2021- With Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

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Best Trampoline PadsWhy buy the best trampoline pads? The reason is pretty simple. You don’t want to get hurt while enjoying the jumping game over your trampoline, do you? Trampoline replacement pads secure that risky spring and metal edge around your entire trampoline.

So, even if you accidentally slip and fall over the edge of your trampoline, these safety pads will make sure that you don’t get injured coming in contact with the metal spring. That’s why it’s also an essential fact that you choose your trampoline safety pad right and secure your trampoline game.

7 Best Trampoline Pad Reviews

Considering the all useful features, we have these seven best trampoline pads reviews for you. They differ from each other by means of quality, additional features, and prices. So, go through each and every product review to get the best-suited trampoline pad for your trampoline to enjoy the jumping game with ultimate safety.

1. SkyBound Trampoline Pads

SkyBound-Trampoline-PadsSkyBound has become a reliable name in the Trampoline industry. Their Trampoline Pads also carry on the tradition of providing the best quality with the UV resistant outer layer which is made of high-density PVC on the top. The bottom is made with heavy-duty PE for extra assurance on its durability.

The ½ inch thick closed-cell foam stuffed inside the shell makes it sturdier maximizing your safety from getting hurt by the spring or V-rings of the mat.


  •   Maximum safety
  •   Thicker foam
  •   Sunguard outer shell
  •   Immediate customer support


  •   No pre-cut holes for the net poles getting through

Final Verdict

Skybound trampoline replacement pad ensures your safety while jumping on your trampoline all day long. This product has a fantastic response from the users, which made us review this particular one for you. This trampoline pad is a go-to for those who demand safety and quality over anything else.

2. Skywalker Trampoline Round Spring Pad

Skywalker-Trampoline-Round-Spring-PadSkywalker always puts the safety on their first priority. So, almost all of their trampoline accessories are tested to ensure meeting the safety and durability standards by ASTM. The Skywalker trampoline pad is for the round-shaped trampoline, and they are available in four colors to make your trampoline a little interesting.

The round spring pad consists of high-quality PVC with the weather and UV resistant material. They come in two sizes for 12ft and 15ft trampolines. So, before you make a purchase, we recommend you measure your trampoline precisely and then pick the right size.


  •   Comes with a one year warranty
  •   Weather and UV resistant
  •   High-Quality PVC
  •   Available options for color
  •   Maximum safety assurance


  • Need to be precise about the trampoline size for best fitting.

Final Verdict

The Skywalker makes the best trampoline pads for durability and vibrant color variation in just one trampoline spring pad. So, don’t miss out.

3. Trampoline Depot Safety Pad

Trampoline-Depot-Safety-PadThe best feature of the Trampoline Depot Safety Pad is its flexible fitting. This trampoline pad fits any outside-mounted poles since it has no holes to accommodate inside-mounted poles. This fantastic trampoline pad is weather resistant and UV resistant.

So, your pads last longer without being cracked even under the burning sun. This pad meets the safety standards by ASTM Safety Padding and thus offers you the maximum safety with the 3-4 inch thick foam inside the shell.


  •   Affordable
  •   Fits any outside mounted poles
  •  Weather and UV resistant
  •  Safe
  •  30 days return policy
  •  6 months manufacturer’s warranty.


  •   Not much thick
  •   Not durable

Final Verdict

Some users found it absolute crap since it’s thin and not durable. But Trampoline Depot has worked on it, and now they are also offering a six-months warranty. If you are in search of a budget-friendly trampoline pad, then this is for you.

4. Upper Bounce Mini Round Trampoline Replacement Pad

Upper-Bounce-Mini-Round-Trampoline-Replacement-PadThe Upper Bounce mini round trampoline pad comes in four different sizes- 38,40,44,48 inch frame. So before giving it a try, we urge for measuring your trampoline to choose from the available sizes.

Though manufacturers claim for using high-quality PVC with thick foam inside, many users have found it fragile. This product still remains one of the Amazon bestseller product and also one of the best trampoline pads for its affordability and secure fitting.


  •   4.5mm thick foam
  •   Elastic rubber band all around the safety pads on top and bottom.
  •   Fits well on the trampoline
  •   Holes on the outer flap for the trampoline legs getting through
  •   110g PVC made


  •  Falls apart too fast
  •  Doesn’t seem like high-quality materials

Final Verdict

While some found it fragile, the majority of users are enjoying a safe, durable jumping game with it. So, you can keep it in your shortlist too.

5. ANCHEER Trampoline Pad

ANCHEER-Trampoline-PadThe ANCHEER Trampoline replacement pad has an outer shell of high-quality PVC tarpaulin and a bottom shell of PE. Inside of the shell, there is 12mm thick foam padding that gives you the highest safety from getting hurt or injured by the springs of the trampoline.

Its high-density mesh has an anti-aging formula and delays oxidation feature.


  •  Outer PVC Tarpaulin shell
  •  Bottom PE
  •  12mm thick extra padding
  •  Easy and Quick Installation


  •   Comes without an opening
  •   Need to match the size precisely.

Final Verdict

This trampoline spring pad has impressive features and offers you the maximum safety and comfort, which makes it the best trampoline pad from others. But it’s not so durable than most others.

6.  SONGMICS Replacement Trampoline Safety Pad

SONGMICS-Replacement-Trampoline-Safety-PadThe first reason why we have shortlisted the SONGMICS replacement trampoline safety pad as one of our best trampoline pads is its popularity and great reviews. Almost all the users have mentioned the perfect fitting and excellent quality material of this particular trampoline safety pad.

The other features are almost the same as the other best trampoline pad reviews say. The only drawback of this great product is its edge stitching. The stitching of SONGMICS Trampoline spring pads easily breaks out.


  •   High-quality material
  •   Perfect fit
  •   Secure covering
  •   Easy installation


  •  Straps are not very strong
  •  Weak stitches

Final Verdict

Though some have found the stitches quite weak, this trampoline pad yet beats all other trampoline pads by its incredible quality material and safety.

7. Trampoline Depot New Deluxe Trampoline Pad

Trampoline-Depot-New-Deluxe-Trampoline-PadThe Trampoline Depot New Deluxe Trampoline Pad fits only on a 15ft Round Trampoline Frame. So, if you don’t measure before buying it, don’t come complaining that this didn’t fit your trampoline.

The extra thickness of the foam padding makes it one of the best trampoline replacement pads without question. The other features include sun-guard coating, cold cracked protection, and antifungal/bacterial coating.


  •    Easy to install
  •    High-quality material
  •   Thick foam padding
  •   Maximum safety


  •  Very Costly
  •  Some encountered with a fitting problem

Final Verdict

If you have a 15ft trampoline at your home, then stop looking for other trampoline pads and buy this Trampoline Depot Deluxe being worry-free.

Best Trampoline Pad Buying Guide

What makes a random trampoline pad one of the best trampoline mats? So many things. Yeah, there are many things you need to consider while to buy just a simple trampoline pad. The best trampoline replacement pads have many features, but these followings are the must-have.


Check for the manufacturer’s information about the materials of the trampoline pads. Most trampoline replacement pad shells are made of PVC materials or tarpaulin with UV resistant and weather-resistant properties.

The thickness of the foam

Consider the thickness of the foam as an essential feature since it will decide how safe your trampoline spring pads are. Great pads have a 6-12mm thick foam padding. The thicker the foam is, the safer the experience you have.

Water Drainage

It’s essential that your trampoline spring pads don’t hold the water inside it. If it does, then it may affect the spring and metals and lead to create rust.

Try having a pad that has good water drainage feature.


Durability matters. But sometimes you can consider a less durable trampoline pad if its other features stand out that much.


See for the attachment of the pad on the spring of the trampoline. It should cover the spring edge of the trampoline entirely and fits it well, so it doesn’t come out quickly.

Wrapping Up

A good trampoline padding makes your jumping game more enjoyable. So, buying it wisely is not an option for you. This article means to keep you clear on all the essential aspects of a trampoline pad that you need to know before buying. Our seven best trampoline pad reviews will then help you to make a comparison among them and choose the right one for depending on your need.

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