How Does An RV Refrigerator Work

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When you have an RV owner and already have a refrigerator, you may be often worried about your RV refrigerator work. It is a wonder to know the process for a more hassle-free user-experience. How does an RV refrigerator work is a common debate each of the RV owners. Whatever you want to clear your confusion about this topic, you are surely coming to the right place.

When I research on RV refrigerator, I also research this topic to provide much information about this topic. So, without wasting our time, let’s get started content right now.

The RV Refrigerator Definition

An RV refrigerator is a refrigerator that comes with no electricity. It takes power from a battery or generator. However, an RV refrigerator able to keep your food, drink, and other things fresh and cold. RV refrigerator also called a gas absorption refrigerator that is powered by a propane burner. An RV refrigerator comes with lots of benefits that allow you to add extra enjoyment to your camping, hiking, finishing, and lots.

How does an RV refrigerator work?

The RV refrigerator operated by heat and chemical reaction, which used water and ammonia. The refrigerator mixed them properly and started to work.  Moreover, the RV refrigerator used a huge tube that will reach out to the boiling point in the internal generator and reaction mode. The steps move into the separator, which divides the water and ammonia.

When ammonia moves to the condenser, the water becomes cool enough and turns back to the liquid. However, ammonia goes to the evaporator and is mixed with hydrogen gas, which caused the evaporator to cool vapour. After that, the cold vapour moves the interior coil, which cools the refrigerator perfectly. The cold vapour continuously works all of the steps perfectly.

On the other hand, most of the RV refrigerators also come with electric power produced by the generator. The requirement of a refrigerator needs to trigger the cooling process, which is created by a cooling element. So, if your RV refrigerator comes with generator power, surely your refrigerator works like this way.

However, some of the RV refrigerators used propane system. Most of the RV refrigerator came with auto power back up when you used propane. I hope that you can understand how to work an RV refrigerator work. It is very simple and works. If you think you are living still confused, you can surely let me know in the below comment box.

RV refrigerator power

You may already know that the RV refrigerator comes with a different power capacity. However, most of the RV refrigerator comes with propane and generator power. When the power is different, the RV refrigerator also works differently, which I already explore in the upper section. I hope that you can understand all of the processes of RV refrigerator work.


Finally, when you know how your RV refrigerator works, you can hassle-free install, clean, and control the unit without any issues. I hope that the upper information helps you know the working system of an RV refrigerator; if you are still confused and wanted to know specific questions, please let me know in the below comment box.

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