How To Run RV Fridge On Propane 

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How to run RV fridge on propaneWhen on a recreation vehicle, a propane fridge fi very helpful. There are times when you will park the car, and the electricity supply from batteries will be inadequate. A propane-powered fridge makes it easy to keep foodstuff cold to prolong their lifespan. A propane fridge works in such a way it will utilize energy from propane to keep your items cold.

It is an expensive alternative, but it will go a long way in keeping your food fresh for a long. Ensure you keep the refrigerator on level ground to avoid incidences where it will be damaged. Most propane-powered RV refrigerators have instructions on how to operate them. Stick to the right steps as outlined by the manufacturer, and your refrigerator will last longer.

How to run RV fridge on propane 

1.Turn the liquid propane valve open

The propane-powered fridge has a valve where you are supposed to turn on before releasing the gas to the burning chamber, where it will heat the cooling liquids to cool the items in the fridge. The propane-powered fridge works in such a way it will burn propane to heat the cooling liquids.

The liquid will then turn to ammonia, water and hydrogen. The combination of the different liquids will lead to evaporation that will lead to evaporation and cooling. The valve should be turned to allow for the gas to flow to the burners.

2. Switch to LP from the LP/AC switch

You will get a switch that will indicate LP/AC. The switch has a socket where you will choose between the two power sources. In most cases, the recreation vehicle refrigerator will have to power options. You can power it via electricity or gas. Turn to gas settings so that you can run it on propane. Ensure it is always on level ground to avoid cases where you can end up damaging the unit.

3. Set your desired temperature settings

The RV fridge will cool the food product to different temperatures. Check on the settings, then choose the right temperature that will keep the food cold. The refrigerator has a knob where you will turn to the desired temperature. The temperature selection setting is inside the refrigerator. Open the door to access it, then set to your desired temperature level.

Some foods will be properly preserved at a given temperature. Ensure you stick to the desired temperature settings so that you can have fresh food while in the camping ground. The refrigerator can help in preserving food for several days when on a travel adventure.

4. Close the door

After you have turned on the gas supply, then choose the gas mode inside the refrigerator; you will then choose the temperature settings and close the refrigerator. Give it time, and it will keep your drinks and food cool. You can spend several days in an RV, but the food should be preserved. When the RV is moving, you can switch to AC mode to save on the gas. Keep watch of the refrigerator when it is in gas mode to avoid accidental fire.

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