How To Secure Patio Umbrella

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There is nothing worst thing when your patio umbrella not secure. If you are an owner of a patio umbrella, you may know that it faces lots of issues such as storm-wind, soil, and others. Imagine, when you taking relax with your family and friends and the umbrella falls down, it is truly sucked enough for you. So, how to secure a patio umbrella on your yard, lawn, or another area? Let me explain.

Here I discuss the 7 best methods, which are actionable and workable instantly and permanently. The methods are not costly, and you can easily secure your patio umbrella. So, without delay, let’s get started with the content right now.

How to secure patio umbrella with [7 actionable methods]

Step 1: Use stable patio table

When you use a strong patio table, that means you can secure your umbrella like before. A stable table attaches with an umbrella offer you to secure your umbrella with any weather condition. A sturdy table is secured with your umbrella and provides you with strong support when the gathering occurs. So, first and foremost, you need to use a stable table for securing your umbrella.

Step 2: Buying an air vent

The air vent is one of the most important elements for your umbrella canopy. The air vent comes with air circulation perfectly, which is well enough for your umbrella and can take the breath perfectly. If your certain umbrella has no air vent, you will surely need to go for an air vent to secure your umbrella.

Step 3: Protect from powerful wind.

This step is highly recommended for each of the umbrella owners for securing the umbrella. It would help if you always prepared yourself to protect your umbrella from strong wind. What can you do? Well, you should set up your umbrella, a place where the wind comes with slowly. You can also maintain the upper steps for securing the umbrella from the powerful wind.

Step 4: You should avoid the wooden and plastic frame

You may know that wood and plastic are not many strong materials. When you use wood and a plastic frame, it is easily broken down when the wind comes. You can use lightweight but strong materials for protecting the wind. However, you can use aluminum and stainless steel to get the best performance. So, if you belong to the wood and plastic frame, you should change it as soon as possible.

Step 5: Used a heavy-duty base.

Most people think that using a heavy-duty base is perfect for protecting the umbrella. How much weight should you apply for your umbrella? Well, you can apply the umbrella base minimum 56-lbs weight. When you use a heavy-duty base, you can easily protect your umbrella from powerful wind and storm.

Step 6: Close the umbrella when you are not using the umbrella

When you do not use the umbrella, you need to close the umbrella for protecting storm wind. It is a good practice and allows you to a peach of mind when you are not in your yard, patio, and lawn. I hope that this method is working for you to secure your umbrella.


A patio umbrella is a cool, relaxing, and awesome element for every garden and yard. But sometimes it damages because of powerful wind, storm, and other things. So many umbrella users asked me how to secure their umbrella perfectly. Within mind, I research this topic, and I found the upper sections are workable and actionable. So, if you want to secure your umbrella strongly, you will maintain or apply the upper sections.

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