Top 10 Best Jumpflex Trampoline Reviews in – 2021 With Buyer’s Guide

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jumpflex trampoline reviewTrampolines were invented in the 1930s, but their popularity has never ended. This jumpflex trampoline reviews list includes some of the best and safest trampolines in the market. Other than having fun and making memories with your family, trampolines are also great for exercise.

One durable trampoline is enough to keep your kids interested and pass their time with joy. Finding the right trampoline might take some time. So, it’s best to do your research properly and then decide. Here’s what we got for you!

Best jumpflex trampoline reviews

1. Skywalker Trampoline Reviews: Skywalker 8-foot Jumpflex Trampoline

Skywalker-Trampolines-8-Foot-Jump-N-Dunk-TrampolineIn this list of best jumpflex trampoline reviews, the Skywalker jump n dunk is the most budget-friendly along with quality features. The no-gap enclosure system provides safety for falling and getting caught in the gap. The net is over 6-ft long, so that adds more to safety.

The frame of this trampoline is made from galvanized steel making it rust-resistant. The springs are also durable and rust-resistant. For the fun part, you get an easy to attach basketball hoop along with a ball. The weight limit is 200 pounds which we think is a bit less to accommodate multiple jumpers.


  • No-gap enclosure system ensures the safety
  • Dual closure system with zipper keeps jumpers inside
  • Non-slip mat with UV protection
  • Durable frame and springs


  • The basketball velcro isn’t strong enough

Final verdict

This is a budget trampoline, so you can’t expect durability as like those used for professional purpose costing thousands of dollars. But judging by the price, the trampoline is the best you could get. For fun with family and friends, this is what you need. If you still think you need a better one, we covered three other skywalker trampoline reviews, and one of them should suit your needs.

2. Best Trampoline For Adults: Sdoveb 12 Foot Trampolines

Sdoveb-12-FT-TrampolinesIf you want a bit more sturdy trampoline, this Sdoveb trampoline is just the right thing for you. The best thing about this item is how easy it is to assemble and disassemble. You also get a screwdriver and spring tool with it. You can choose from 12 ft to 16 ft sizes. But all of them feels so spacious and big for comfortable jumping.

The frame steel is covered by galvanized powder making it more durable and rust-resistant. Even the springs are galvanized and capable of resisting cracks during the winter. The mat is designed to withstand any level of bounce, and the mesh-material covering makes it durable for years of use. It comes with enclosure net for super safety, and with no gaps between the net and the mat.


  • Super easy to install and take it apart
  • Thick and durable mat
  • Safety padding on the steel frame
  • Weather cover for protection during rain and sunny conditions


  • The top part of the pole attached to the net seems cheap and light

Final verdict

Though the price seems a little bit too much for our liking, you won’t regret buying this trampoline. What’s missing is a basketball loop which you can always buy later.

3. Best Price Trampoline With Safety Net: Merax Trampoline With Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop

Merax Trampoline With Safety Enclosure and Basketball HoopThis Merax trampoline review presents you one of the safest and sturdiest trampolines ever. You can choose between 2 sizes- 14 and 15  ft. It is TUV approved which means it has been tested extensively and consumers can use it with confidence. It’s an attached basketball hoop. What we really loved about this trampoline, is it’s above average weight capacity of 330  Lbs and heavier steel frames. So, it can withstand loads of bouncing session for years.

The steel frame is galvanized and the pad, mat, and net all have UV protection capability. More lifespan and less expense in the long run. What took our attention, that Merax trampoline is 5 years warranty. It’s very easy to assemble and no need for extra tools. It has a video link to assemble easily with full details.


  • No-gap enclosure net system
  • High weight capacity of 550 Lbs
  • Comes with ladder and rain cover
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • The net is outside of the spring

Final verdict

You can expect high-quality performance from Happy trampoline. It’s perfect for home use and will hopefully last a decade.

4. Skywalker Mini Trampoline Reviews: Skywalker Mini Trampoline

Skywalker-Mini-TrampolineSkywalker Mini Trampoline is one of the safest trampolines for toddlers and kids under the age of 7. Being small it is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage on limited spaces. It has an enclosure net with no gaps between the mat and net. To make it safer, a 360-degree handlebar is attached to help kids find balance when necessary.

The bounce is not as high as those with steel springs. It uses a stretch-band surface with a bungee cord for generating bounce and is perfect for toddlers. If you buy spring trampolines for toddlers, it might be too high for them to handle. You can let two kids play in it whose combined weight should not be more than 100 lbs.


  • No gap enclosure net
  • Space-saving
  • Safety handlebar for stability
  • Colourful and entertaining for kids


  • Can’t expect high durability

Final verdict

Though this trampoline is perfect for little kids, don’t put your older children in it. It’s not sturdy enough to hold older children who put more pressure on the mat.

5. Best Outdoor Trampoline With Enclosure: Goldye Kids Adults Trampoline with Enclosure Net

Goldye-Kids-Adults-Trampoline-with-Enclosure-NetThe Goldye Trampoline is what you should buy if you need more space and increased weight capacity. It can hold up to 500 pounds. So, you can jump on it along with your little kids without any issues. The standout feature of this trampoline is that the top part of the pole is flexible and net runs through the top ring.

This makes the pole more stable and the net will stay in place for a longer time. There is foam padding around the poles, so this will make it more comfortable to hold. The safety features include standard no-gap enclosure system and 8-row stitching mat with tear prevention.


  • Top flex pole enclosure system
  • Easy to assemble and necessary tools are included
  • High weight limit of 500 lbs
  • Durable rust-resistant steel frame
  • Foam covered poles


  • Springs are not as durable as it seems. Might need replacement later.

Final verdict

This Upper Bounce trampoline is large and might take up considerable space. So, if you are buying it, make sure you have the designated space for it.

6. Giantex Trampoline Review: Giantex Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Giantex-Trampoline-with-Safety-EnclosureIf you are confused about what size of trampoline to buy for your family, Giantex brings you 6 sizes to choose from. You can choose between 8ft to 16ft. This is one standout point of this trampoline brand. This jumpflex trampoline enclosure net has a higher height than usual trampolines. So, more height means more safety for the jumpers.

It has u-shaped unique legs that provide above-average stability and good ground clearance. If you are worried about bounce, you should be happy this trampoline comes with 90 springs for high bounce and more fun. The enclosure net has no gaps and the poles holding it are padded for extra safety.


  • Above-average weight limit of 375 pounds
  • Above-average net height for safety
  • U-shaped legs for increased stability on the ground
  • Includes a ladder
  • Budget-friendly and lots of sizes to choose from


  • Springs are inside the enclosed net

Final verdict

If you wanted a budget trampoline to try flips and other gymnastics moves, this is the right one for you. If you take good care of it, it will last for years.

7. Best 14ft Trampoline: ORCC Kids Trampoline

ORCC-Kids-TrampolineORCC trampolines are getting better every year. It has been approved by TUV, so it meets all sorts of safety standards for a kid trampoline. The good thing is you can choose between 4 sizes from 10ft to 15 ft. If you live in a windy zone, you will be happy to know that this jumpflex trampoline has 6 durable stakes for holding it in place.

Not all trampoline provides this much stability. There are 108 galvanized spring that will keep you secured when jumping and will provide higher bounce than usual trampolines. The jumping mat and the enclosure net has UV protection. You will get years of service from this unit.


  • Superb ground stability
  • Easy to assemble and takes 60-90 minutes at most
  • Heavy-duty springs for a higher bounce
  • Includes rain cover and ladder
  • Above-average weight limit of 375 pounds


  • The frame joint is not sturdy enough

Final verdict

The ORCC trampoline provides great value for money. It might not be the most durable trampoline ever, but sure it offers high bounce and lots of fun. For family activities and kids, it’s just near perfect.

8. Skywalker Rectangle Trampoline Reviews: Skywalker Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker-Rectangular-TrampolineIf you heard good things about the Skywalker brand, you will love this rectangular Skywalker trampoline. It’s very spacious and other than family outings, this is suitable for practising gymnastics. The rectangular shape offers even bounce all over the mat. It meets all ASTM safety standards. So, you will no gaps between the mat and the enclosure net.

The poles to which the net is attached have foam padding and also has an angled bend at the top, making it safer and more secure. The construction is durable with galvanized steel frame and rust-resistant springs. The springs are a bit longer than usual, so you can expect a higher bounce.


  • The spring pad has UV protection for durability
  • Even bounce suitable for learning gymnastics
  • Poles have angled bend at the top and foam padding
  • No gap enclosure system
  • Higher bounce than usual


  • Installation directions are not clear

Final verdict

It’s another large trampoline that can stand the test of time. You get what you pay for and this trampoline will not disappoint you. The only pain might be in finding suitable space for this trampoline.

9. Skywalker 12 Foot Trampoline Reviews: Skywalker 12-ft Round Trampoline

Skywalker-12-ft-Round-TrampolineWe cannot vouch for all trampolines and say that they will last for a decade. But this Skywalker trampoline can withstand jumping and weather conditions for years. The construction is strong and it has a galvanized steel frame that will survive for eternity. There are 6 W-shaped legs that will offer stability to the trampoline. The upper enclosure frame is attached to the main frame with T-sockets. So, this minimizes twisting.

The spring pad is wide enough and has UV protection with 1-inch foam padding. You might need a replacement for the spring padding in the long run, but that’s normal if you are using it every day. The enclosure net has no gaps and so makes jumping safer than ever.


  • Rock-solid construction with highly durable steel frame
  • Provides ground stability with T-socket attachment and W-shaped legs
  • Spring pad is sturdy and comfortable with thick padding


  • The spring tool included is not sturdy. Might need to buy another one

Final verdict

If you want a standard trampoline with no bragging, this is the trampoline you should buy. It might not have a ladder or a basketball loop, but it will last longer and save you more money in the future.

10. Skybound Trampoline Reviews: SkyBound Cirrus 14-ft Trampoline

SkyBound-Cirrus-14-ft-TrampolineThe SkyBound Cirrus stands out in this list of jumpflex trampoline reviews because of it’s concave enclosure net. This helps prevents jumpers from hitting on the pole or stepping on the springs. This is also one of the easiest trampolines to install. If you follow the instructions properly it shouldn’t take more than an hour or so.

The steel frame is galvanized and powder-coated which makes it durable and also attractive. There is UV protection on both the pad and the enclosure net. So, it can withstand weather conditions. The bounce is normal and nothing much to brag. The only thing that could have been better is the weight capacity which is just 220 pounds.


  • Concave enclosure net for safety
  • Uv protection added on pad and enclosure net
  • Very easy to set up
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Medium range weight limit

Final verdict

This trampoline is quite different than other trampolines in our review. But it’s quite safe to use and will keep your children entertained throughout the year.

8 things to consider when buying a jumpflex trampoline reviews

If you are still unsure which trampoline is suitable for you, read this buying guide before going through our jumpflex trampoline reviews.

1. Safety

Safety is the No.1 thing to consider while buying any trampoline. Before you go through any trampoline reviews, it’s best to know what makes a trampoline safe. These two are the most important for jumpflex trampoline reviews.

Safety enclosure net

Safety enclosure nets prevent jumpers from falling outside the mat and causing damage. You also need to consider the height of the net when buying. It’s even better if you go with no-gap enclosure mat that eliminates the risk of any body part trapped in the gap.


Spring paddings might not look interesting. But there is a high chance that jumpers might fall on the springs and get injured. So, spring paddings cover those springs and make landing safer.

2. Quality and durability

Trampoline frame quality: Galvanized steel frames are the best for trampolines. They are rust-resistant. Also, look for rust-resistant steel springs. Powder-coated trampoline frames take it even further and increase the life shell of a trampoline. Enclosure net and mat quality: The enclosure net and the mat should also stand the test of time and lots of falls. Look for trampoline reviews that focus on a tear-resistant enclosure net or something like geo-textile jumping mats.

3. Weight capacity

Most buyers overlook this factor- the weight capacity. Before you buy a trampoline, you should know how many jumpers at a time can use the trampoline. we are mentioned all guides in jumpflex trampoline reviews.

4. Bounce

If you want more bounce from a trampoline, you should look into these:

  • Length of the spring
  • Number of spring
  • The gauge of the metal

A longer length and higher number of springs will deliver more bounce.

5. Trampoline shape

  • Round trampoline: Round trampolines are the most common and there are hundreds of options available for you. These trampolines are most suited for home use as they can be placed in small spaces.
  • Oval and square trampoline: Oval and square trampolines look different and offer a little more jumping space than the round ones.
  • Rectangular trampoline: Rectangular trampolines offer the most bounce and are crafted for professional use by gymnasts. If you are buying for an inexperienced jumper or your little kids, it’s better not to go for rectangular ones.

6. Type

You can buy one of the 4 types of trampolines:

  • Bouncers
  • Mini trampoline
  • Small trampoline
  • Full-size trampoline

Always buy a trampoline based on the age of the jumper. If you are buying for your kids, always buy a little bigger one. You don’t want to buy a trampoline every year. For children over 7 years old, it’s best to buy a small or full-size trampoline. For toddlers, a bouncer will be just fine.

7. Price

Let’s face it!

Trampolines are not cheap. But the best part is you will not be buying a trampoline every year. Trampoline prices start from a couple of hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. So, before you buy a trampoline list down everything you want from a trampoline and then see which trampoline fits your need and the one that lasts forever.

8. Additional Features

Ladder: Ladders may or may not be important for you. If it’s important then look for trampolines that come with ladders or you can buy it separately.

Rain cover: Very few trampolines come with rain covers. But you can purchase it later. Rain covers help to protect the trampoline from rain and sun. This can increase the life span of the mat and the frame.

Basketball loop: For extra fun and entertainment, basket loops can be great.

We also review the Best Trampoline Pads If you feel like you can enjoy these.

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