Best Portable Waste Tanks For RV Reviews in 2020 – With Buyer’s Guide

portable-waste-tanks-for-RV-reviewsAre you on the internet for a portable RV waste tank, but having some problem finding the right one? Don’t worry; you are not alone; these portable waste tanks for RV reviews ready to help you. Honestly, the portable waste tank makes the waste prevent the process significantly easier, and they take less space.

With this mind, I thought I write a buying guide (proper research) to help you navigate the marketplace, especially online shopping. However, you should expense the amount of time worrying about choosing a waste tank for your RV. So, keep reading and let me help you to choose the best one.

Portable Waste Tanks For RV Reviews

1. best rated rv portable waste tank: Camco 39006 Portable

Camco-39006-Portable-Waste-TankThis remains to be one of the most familiar portable waste tanks in the market, of course, for the good reason. Whatever this component comes with heavy-duty wheels and low drain hose. What I love most about its construction that’s premium. Camco 39006 portable waste tank made from durable blow-molded with UV stabilize and HDPE materials.

I used it heavily, and I can not find leakage issue from this tank. The inside of this unit is very smooth, and it does not trap any sink. When you are going to empty the tank, you will also clean the smell. Note, Camco able to keep liquid and solid waste without making any mistake. Emptying of this unit allows you very quickly.


  • Made with durable materials, have not any leakage
  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Clean this unit is very fast
  • You will explorer a compressive kit
  • Vast 36-gallons capacity


  • The sewer hose is very short

2. Barker 4-Wheeler Portable Waste Tank

Barker-4-Wheeler-Portable-Waste-TankBarker comes of my second list, and it is one of the trusted manufacturers of RV waste tank. Unlike this device has 32-gallons waste tote tank capacity, but you may use this unit around 42-gallons tank capacity. On the other hand, it is a compact design and takes less space like other totes Barker tank, this one made with aluminum, zinc-plated steel, and bowl molded polythene that is awesome for good smell and longevity.

However, pulling it towards the dump station is much easy. The sewer hose of this component comes with 5ft long and also has two handles. I have only used this gallon one or two because I always prefer the bigger one for my long-time journey.


  • Easily drain without any problems
  • Easy to portable with a trailer
  • It is not easy to worn off
  • It takes less space to your RV
  • Do not scatter bad smell


  • Some users found low-quality sewer hose

3. Tote-N-Stor 25609 Portable Waste Transport

Tote-N-Stor-25609-Portable-Waste-TransportTote-N-Store 25609 maybe isn’t a household name, but they still infuse so many quality construction and materials, and this unit comes with 32-gallons waste tank capacity. This RV sewer tote comes with a collapsible 36-inch long, 3-inch drain hose and 3-inch diameter, as well as a single hose clamp and also has tow bracket.

However, this transport has two rubber whiles that allow you to portable this unit. I loved its quality features, especially the 32-gallons capacity. However, it comes with a storage compartment for the accessories kit. Overall, it is good, durable, bad smell free, and easy transport, which truly supports me to keep my RV clean.


  • Durable, good, and compact design
  • Comes with all of the accessories
  • It is a heavy-duty waste tank
  • Used steel two-bracket
  • Included strong rubber two wheels


  • Do not hold up to 32-gallons waste

4. best rv portable waste tank: SmartTote2 RV Portable

SmartTote2-RV-Portable-Waste-TankThe SmartTote2 tank by Thetford is a large capacity of 35-gallons portable RV waste tank, which comes with everything you need to keep clean your RV. However, this device made with polypropylene and has four heavy-duty rubber wheels installed (for maximum portability). This unit was engineered to articulate with the handle, so even you don’t have any short of UTV or ATV and still moving by the hand.

Overall, it supports you for easily drain because this component used heavy-duty sewer hose, and the hose is large enough. It is not only suitable for your RV but also it is ideal for the car and any portable space. Really, this component is premium and work very fast.


  • Used powerful and large hose
  • Have heavy-duty rubber wheels
  • ATV and UTV facility
  • 35-gallon vast capacity
  • It is easy to maneuver


  • It doesn’t use any extending wheels

5. VINGLI Tote RV Waste Tank

VINGLI-Tote-RV-Waste-TankAnother option meant to be appealing for the people going one-day or weekend trip. One of these features comes with two large wheels that make this unit easily portable or transport. It also comes with extending handle (you need to purchase it separately). The fact is that this component comes with the only 10-gallons waste tank.

Whatever you will achieve from this unit, food-grade safety, and also included HDPE safety. You can take comfort in knowing its easy to empty and clean as well. The cleaning process becomes remarkably simple because of its large diameter. However, the draining process is smooth and happed without any issue.


  • Easy to portable
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Included food-grade safety
  • Easy to drain and empty
  • Comfortable to use


  • The warranty is not clear

Portable Waste Tanks For RV Reviews Buying Guide

Trip Length

The first thing you should consider is the length of your trip. A waste tank depends on your trip length. If you are looking for a trip for once or twice a day, you can go for 10-gallons waste tank capacity. But when the length becomes larger, that means weekend or month, and you should go for 30 to 40 gallons tank capacity. I always loved to take a larger space waste tank.


How easily you can transport your waste tank with lots of RV accessories, you must be considered. Portable tank capacity is lightweight, compact, and must have wheels. Before you purchase any, you should consider these things. In my opinion, I would always opt for the models which have wheels and lightweight because of my comfortable work.

Easy to use

Like an RV part, easy to operate should be the second thing. The main thing you should consider that the waste tank has a flush valve. If the device has one, then the tank makes your life easier and simple. For easy use, you should also focus on the model hose, drain, and diameter system. If you found them all are much well you should go for them.


Sticking the well budget waste tank, that helps you to avoid lots of mistakes. The budget only depends on whatever you need. As you expect higher capacity, high-quality features, and all of the things perfectly, you may need to spend more money. Don’t fall for paying extra features. You should avoid which you don’t need from a waste tank.

Portable waste tanks for RV reviews FAQs

Q: What is the best RV portable waste tank?
A: According to my research, I found around 34 waste tanks for RV. But I only included five for you, such as Camco, Barker, and others you may consider them.
Q: How often do you have to empty RV tanks?
A: It depends on the waste take capacity and the hose system. If you have large waste tank capacity, you may empty the tank weekly, and it is enough.


With all of your new knowledge, you may have always a problem to find the best waste tank for your RV. You may need to use the information to choose the best one. It is not complicated when you are using a waste tank. Make sure nothing can ruin your RV experience if you have any queries feel free to leave a comment box down below.

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